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Author Topic: Warmouth Fishing for Reds!  (Read 3284 times)

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Warmouth Fishing for Reds!
« on: December 12, 2013, 02:02:11 PM »

Warmouth Fishing for Reds!
by Captain Jake Herrin

Many years ago as a kid, I fished for Warmouth Perch in the fresh waters of Orange Lake, Fl. using a can pole. Plunking the bait in the heavy vegetation and waiting for the fish to bite, made for a fun day.

In saltwater fishing for Reds I always run live bait no more then 3' from the structure (oyster bars, grasslines, etc). But on a trip the other day with a client, he threw his bait right in the thick grass where you usually get hung up. It sat there about 10 feet from the boat looking stuck with the minnow flipping around just underneath the water, when all of a sudden this big bulge came up from under the nearby grass and the game was on.

A 25" Redfish was hiding right near the boat in the heavy grass in about one or two foot of water. With at least 25 mph winds blowing that day, it was the perfect place to fish. And it wasn't a 'fluke' as he threw back into the grass, let it sit for a little while and again, another explosion and this time a 26" Red!

We made a great day with several more caught and released (since we already had our limit and a good one too) for such windy conditions and had a good laugh when I mentioned to him about "Warmouth" fishing for Redfish.

So as I have said before don't let a Windy day ruin your fishing, use the bad conditions to your advantage and you can still have a good day.


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