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Captain’s Fish Dip



* Take two to three tablespoons of butter and melt in the Microwave.
* Meanwhile, season a couple fish filets to taste (whatever you normally like)
* Any good filets will do, but grouper and reds are best. J
* Take melted butter and pore over fish the place in Microwave making sure it is a microwave safe plate.
* Depending on size of filets and size of microwave, cook on high for a couple minutes at a time till nice and flaky (to avoid over cooking)
* While fish are cooking cut up bell peppers and onions and put in medium size bowl.
* After fish are cooked, let cool for a few minutes then gently break up into small pieces and add to bowl along with some of the “liquid”.
* Add mayo to taste, usually about one or two tablespoons, and mix gently.
* Put in fridge till cold (has a whole different taste when it’s cold, almost like crabmeat)
* Serve with crackers. It also makes a good sandwich. J *This recipe can be varied in different ways to suite your taste!
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